with Aimee Hurlston


Since the lock down was issued by the government, I have worked hard setting up my community classes online and I'm excited that you can now take part in them from the comfort of your own home!


If you are worried that it may be too complicated for you to join in, then worry no more! I have simplified the process as much as possible, so even those of you who aren't tech savvy can take part! All you need is a Facebook account or for someone in your household to have one.

There is no need to register or sign up to anything. There are no pin numbers or complicated email set ups either and I post daily so you can choose as and when you attend my classes.

All of the classes you see on my website are available for you to take part in at home so whether you enjoy dancing, Zumba, weight lifting, HIIT, boxing or stretching, there is something to suit you! My classes are inclusive and are open to everyone and your kids can take part too!

Class prices have adjusted and are available to view in the Facebook group. Class times may also vary with the addition of extra morning and day time classes as well.  All classes continue to run on a pay as you go basis and you don't have to pay a membership or joining fee. Only pay for the classes you want to attend and take the pressure off committing too much upfront.

Take look at the videos below to see what a virtual class is like with me and continue scrolling to read some of the feedback from my online classes!


The ultimate dance-fitness party using easy to follow routines that are guaranteed to make you build up a sweat! We celebrated 10 years of my Zumba classes in April with a week of throwback Zumba routines too! This class is such good fun and takes you around the world with rhythms including salsa, flamenco, reggaeton, merengue, cumbia and many more!


Suitable for a variety of fitness levels, during each class I break down the steps to popular dance routines from music videos to musicals! They are easy to follow and great fun! So far, we have covered routines from The Backstreet Boys, Lady GaGa, The Greatest Showman, Rihanna and JLo with many more to come!


Based on your favourite 'Strictly' dances, you'll go from a waltz to the jive and tango during this FAB-U-LOUS class! With music from across all genres, dance your way through any stresses and worries and end the class feeling elevated and happy!


This is a high energy mix of boxing, HIIT, cardio and floor work designed to increase stamina and sculpt muscles! This class is a total body workout and a great way to de-stress! If you enjoy a fast paced class and want to feel like you have a personal trainer supporting you through your device, this is the class for you!


We use free weights and combine standing and floor work to an awesome 80s playlist! What's not to love?! You get to sing along to your favourite hits of the decade and distract yourself from the workout! This class focuses on strengthening and conditioning your body and is great fun!


This gentle low impact class focuses on improving mobility, posture and flexibility. A great way to start or end your day! I will take you through a variety of stretches in both standing and floor positions and these are influenced by dance, yoga, Pilates and everyday movements like standing, sitting and getting out of bed.

Here is some feedback from those who have taken part in a virtual fitness class with me!

"It was great. It was almost like being in class and in these weird times definitely a great way of keeping up with exercise."

"It was great! Easy to use and to follow, no issues with your voice and the music!"

"Worked fine for me on my phone... my daughter loved it too!"

"It was just what I needed tonight to switch off. Looking forward to the next class."

"Really the highlight of my day after self isolating!"

"Brilliant and took my mind off all that's going on in the world for a bit - thank you."

"This is the future of exercising for the time being and I will be trying to keep fit, healthy by joining in!"

"With everything uncertain and up in the air at the moment, there was something nice about the familiarity of the music, your voice and the routines that was almost peaceful..."

"Once I got over dancing in my kitchen it was a great workout."


See you in a virtual class soon!