with Aimee Hurlston

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear to your classes?

Wear clothing that allows free movement; t-shirt, leggings, jogging bottoms for Zumba & Latin & Ballroom Fitness... something you would normally wear to the gym or an aerobics class. For Ikon, Weight Resistance, Flexure and Seduto Fitness, wear more fitted clothing like leggings and a vest top and the routines transition between standing, seated and floor work frequently.

What footwear is most suitable?

Trainers are ideal footwear for Zumba, Latin & Ballroom Fitness, Seduto Fitness, Konga & Weight Resistance. Choose a style that has little tread as running trainers may provide too much grip and restrict more natural movement during the class. Flexure classes are taught barefoot.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Yes! Bring plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated during the class. A mat or fitness towel is required for Flexure, Seduto Fitness & Ikon and in addition of free weights is required for Weight Resistance. If you are unsure of how heavy they should be, contact me directly. A towel may come in handy too!

I have problems with my back/shoulders/knees etc... are these classes suitable for me?

If your injuries are something that have prevented you from exercising in the past, make sure you check with your GP before starting any physical exercise. Zumba and Latin & Ballroom Fitness vary in their levels of cardio and impact throughout the class so some routines may be slightly more intense than others. Ikon is a higher intensity workout that involve sudden movements, however you can reduce the effort you put into them to reduce the impact they have on your body. Seduto Fitness, Flexure & Weight Resistance are lower impact classes with no jumping or rapid movements. They are designed to strengthen and sculpt your body through stretch and conditioning routines both standing and on the floor. Only you know your body and there is no pressure put on to any of the participants to throw themselves into every routine... make sure you pace yourself and find the level that suits you.

I haven't exercised in a long time, can I still attend?

If you are choosing Zumba as your return to exercise, make sure you pace yourself during the classes. During the classes, the rhythms and tempos vary from each routine and I try to mix my classes with both low and high intensity tracks to offer a variety to each participant. However, to prevent injury, take your time to get to know the steps and enjoy the music (before joining the front row with the Zumba addicts!) Seduto Fitness, Flexure, Konga, Latin & Ballroom Fitness & Weight Resistance are great total body workouts and highly addictive! If these are the classes you select to return to exercise, take them at your own pace and build up to the full intensity of the classes over time.

I am pregnant/recently had a baby... are your classes suitable?

Always check with your GP whether you are pregnant or have recently had a baby before starting any new exercise. If you currently do Zumba for example and have found out your are pregnant, regular exercise is often recommended, just make sure you listen to your body, take breaks when you need to and keep well hydrated. Check with your GP about the nature of my other classes and whether they are suitable for you. If you have recently had a baby, make sure your GP and midwife clear you for exercise and again take the classes at your own pace. Only you know your body and how hard you can push yourself.

Do I need dance experience or a partner to take part?

Definitely not! Whether you are an experienced dancer or have two left feet and no co-ordination.. my classes are for you! The routines are clear and easy to follow, but don't worry if you can't pick up the steps straight away, maybe you'll decide to freestyle and do your own moves! As long as you enjoy yourself and the infectious rhythms - I'm happy! I'll be working out and sweating with you all the way! (And no..... partners are not required - unless of course you want to bring yours!)

What is the minimum age for you classes?

Generally my classes are for adults aged 16+ years. However, as I am qualified to teach to ages 4+ years I have been able to lower the age for my adult Zumba classes. Al other classes are for adults only aged 16+ years.

-For children aged 12-13 years (Must be present with parent/legal guardian during the class and have their consent).

-For children aged 14-15 years (Must have written parental/legal guardian consent).

-Strong, Ikon, Seduto Fitness, Latin & Ballroom Fitness and Flexure classes are for adults only aged 16+ years.

Are your classes suitable for men?

Absolutely! My classes are open to everyone and anyone who is looking to add some fun and exciting fitness classes to their workout regime.

Are all classes the same?

No. Although Instructors are advised on choreography to suit each rhythm and track, Instructors are able to add their own flare and take on the steps to make their routines unique and keep their classes fresh! You will recognise some of the music in different classes but may find that the moves are slightly different. You just need to find a style that suits you.

If there is a question you have that has not been answered here, please submit it to me via the 'Contact' page and I will get back to you upon receipt of your email within 24 hours. You can also contact me directly via my mobile.